Alex Jones Gives Tomorrow's News Today

Any Canadian who would have listened to the Alex Jones show on Friday, June 25th, would have figured that he was just exaggerating. Most Canadians would have called him a crazy lunatic trying to scare people about things that could not possibly be true and things that could never possibly happen in Canada. But after you hear the stories of the people who were arrested in Toronto this weekend, you will realize that Alex Jones was not exaggerating. He warned the Canadian people about what to expect over the weekend and it played out exactly the way he said it would.

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  1. like william cooper before alex jones, people used to laugh and call mr cooper a crazy paranoid nut case! well he is dead now nov 2001 after he tried to warn the public now god bless alex jones for trying to get the truth out! from waco to the g/20 he just wants the truth to be told! WAKE UP TAKE THE RED PILL LEARN THE TRUTH! slim swayze