Police Display Fake Weapons for Media Photo Op

It has now come out that some of the weapons that the police put out on display, designed to look as if they were recovered from members of anarchist groups, are fakes.

Many of the supposed "weapons" were confiscated from a man named Brian Barrett who used these toys to play a live action, Dungens and Dragon style of medieval-themed role-playing game.

The Globe and Mail newspaper published an article exposing this police deception.


The Globe and Mail reported that "Police also displayed a crossbow and chainsaw seized in an incident on Friday that they said had no ties to the summit. When asked, Chief Blair acknowledged they were unrelated, but said “everything else” had been confiscated from demonstrators."

So when you take out the crossbow, chain saw and all of Brian Barrett's toys, there's not a whole lot left. And we can obviously not be sure that even the remaining items were actually confiscated from anarchist protesters.

The CBC also ran a piece called "Police accused of displaying fake G20 weapons"


We have caught the police red handed, displaying fake weapons. The police knowingly lied and deceived the people of Toronto and all Canadians on purpose. This is confirmation that many of the scary looking weapons were actually toys or did not belong to anarchist protesters. What about the other supposed weapons that were supposedly confiscated? Is there a similar story behind any of the other weapons on display? If the police would go this far, would they be willing to display weapons that they just planted there that were not even confiscated from anyone? This shows that the police are liars and nothing they say can be trusted.

This is a brief explanation of the game "Amtgard" that Brian Barrett was going to play.

It's basically a bunch of nerds, running around with foam weapons, casting magic spells against each other.

Good thing the police disarmed people like this over the G20 weekend. A bunch of nerds with foam weapons could have dealt some serious damage to 10,000 + riot police in full storm trooper gear. They would have to watch out for those level 5 archmages casting water elemental magic spells that would have done piercing damage to the line of defending riot police.

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