Police Hold An Ace Up Their Sleeve

People are starting to realize the truth about what happened this weekend at the G20. The police purposefully allowed a relatively small group of black bloc protesters to run amok through the streets of Toronto committing vandalism, with visible weapons, with virtually no police around the entire time. Then after all the vandalism was done and the criminals escaped, the police arrested a bunch of innocent people, violated many of their rights, and put them in a cage in deplorable conditions.

As these stories come out, the outrage of Canadians will intensify. A falling Canadian dollar, falling stock market, falling housing market and rising taxes will only intensify the outrage that will be felt by Canadians. There are many people in Toronto who will not forget the horrific events that occurred this past weekend when they hear the full story. Calls for an "official" investigation to justify police action will intensity. This is when the police and the government will pull their ace out of their sleeves.

The only ace in their sleeves will be a video of black bloc protesters attacking a police car on Queen St., just East of Spadina that had police still inside the car. Footage of this has not been shown on any mainstream media source that i am aware of, but a few clips have surfaced on youtube. There is about a 15sec clip at the 0:42 mark

Here is another clip which shows the attack and the aftermath.

When public outrage about the G20 is at its peak, a video similar to this (or maybe this one itself) will be released to the mainstream media in Canada and it will be shown, on repeat, on CBC, CTV, Global, etc. None of the videos they have shown on the television so far have shown violent action against police (only against corporate store fronts). This video shows that black bloc members attacked a police car with weapons with police inside it and they will use this video as justification for the illegal acts committed by police, who were ordered to commit illegal acts by their superiors.

So I am writing this to warn the movement to expect this tactic. There will be a movement of people who will want an official investigation, and this video will be used to try to discredit the legitimate claims about the violation of our rights that occurred.

The people in this video are all actors. It's all for show. It's not real. It's like professional wrestling, they're on the same team. They have rehearsed this. They've drilled this before. They had undercover police / actors, dressed as black bloc anarchists, who attack these two police cars. The half dozen "agent provocateurs" or undercover black bloc anarchists who attacked this car were likely the only undercover black bloc members. The other black bloc members were mostly confused, angry teenagers from Quebec who will go along with the crowd and break a Starbucks window, but they would not attack a police car with police inside and with police in the area. The black bloc punk teenagers only committed acts of vandalism when there were no police in sight. Aside from this video, there is no evidence of a direct and coordinated assault on police. This is because the real black bloc members are just a bunch of punk teenagers, but the people dressed up as black bloc members who attacked this police car in this video are paid professionals.

The individuals involved in this covert operation can be seen in this video:

This video shows two undercover, red police vans, a squad of bicycle police, and the two bait cars that were attacked. The people in those cars (the two police cars and two red vans) and the people on the bicycle were the ones were involved in this stage play. These were the "agent provocateurs". The two cars that got attacked were relatively lightly defended. Most of the police in downtown Toronto over the G20 were fulled decked out in storm trooper gear, yet these police did not even have proper riot helmets. There may have been other provocateurs, or these may be the only ones, but this was the main team. This is also where the "riot" originated from. After these actors attacked these other actors, the police pulled back almost all of their forces and these provocateurs tried to start a riot all the way down Queen St. to Bay. Down Bay to King. Along King to Yonge. And up Yonge to Collage St. There were virtually no police around during that rampage because police were given orders to pull back all of their lines once these provocateurs instigated and led the riot down the predetermined path.

In this video, we see that police evacuate the area just prior to when the provocateured riot comes down the street. We also see that a guy with blond dread locks goes by on a BMX bicycle, who later causes the vandalism on the prop car that was attacked by the actors just down the street.

This blog post was written on June 30th, 2010 and will not be edited.


edit - updates:

This picture taken at the scene of this initial attack on the police car shows that he does not have the number above the Canadian flag on his uniform.


  1. Funny cops are never seen arresting the Black Bloc guys

  2. The author and compiler of this blog post deserves an award! Those filming the history deserve accommodation! Those that persecute and bring justice to the lies and staged hatred brought upon us all will be considered Hero's! Thank you all!

  3. Absolutely no COPS around in the last video...every other video that you see on the internet that has peaceful protesters, there is a plethora of police in riot gear.

    Just unfucking believable!

    the outright lies from Chief Blair is outrageous.
    He needs to be brought to justice but that is highly unlikely in this unjust country CANADA!

  4. Not only is there no footage of any black bloc being arrested, if these mass arrests were so successful, why has none of the black bloc been identified on the news? Surely they would perp walk these guys on camera to justify their actions. But it's only because they are really undercover agents that they will never be identified.

  5. OK I hear everyone whining. It seems that the threat of prison is what keeps most people from "protesting". Well I have to say for the record if I had been arrested and my rights violated the city of Toronto would have a problem. I am probably the only person in the history of the Metro West Detention Center to hold the jail hostage on account of the behaviors witnessed during 9/11 while I was the prisoner A&D worker. This will be interesting to watch. I hope more is done other than bitching on the computer.

  6. Its time to go after these bad cops at protests dressed in black as they smash things up.
    If you see one of these tools just rush up and tackle em and rip of their masks.
    Even if its some punk loser from Quebec just there to ruin the concept of peaceful protesting.

    Get proactive rather than observative.
    Time to make way for a better tommorrow.
    A better tommorrow without greed and manipulation.
    Have we all heard too many cases
    of people being pushed around and abused by those whos paychecks we pay, or are you happy with more of the same?
    Bad governments and bad people influencing them for too long, next time vote for real change.
    If everybody stood up against the loud pushy few who climb their slimey way to the top, life on this planet as we know it would become truely humanitarian.

  7. The problem is not the cops. They are just doing their jobs. Its the commands initiative. All cops are trained to obey or get fired. They are taking orders from up top. That command, is a unified control structure of lawyers, judges, chiefs and politicians that all aspire to keep their employer, The Banks, happy. Eventually we will all be horribly controlled to the point of being Borg if we don't fight this thing all the way up the chain of command to the contract that started this whole downward spiral in the first place.