Suspected Agent Provocateur Wearing $650 Jacket

UPDATE: Police have released a photo of this man as one of their suspects.

Giroux said that the remaining top 10 would be facing charges of mischief and arson if arrested. He also took time to dispel rumours that one of the men, wearing what he said has been described by some as an expensive jacket, was not an undercover police officer inciting more violence.


This man was responsible for vandalizing the two police cars on Queen, just East of Spadina.

He is wearing this Arc'teryx jacket that costs $650 CAD

For an "anarchist" who is so angry at police that he smashes a police car, he certainly has some expensive gear that looks brand new.

It also appears that the Arc'teryx company sells a "LEAF" product line specifically designed for Law Enforcement and the Armed Forces. The company is based out of British Columbia, Canada.

It is also important to note that he does not appear to care that people are filming him committing these crimes. Most of the black bloc members who were committing vandalism that day had their faces covered so that they could not be identified.

The Toronto Police have released six pictures of people who caused vandalism, hoping that the public would be able to help identify them. Why have the police not released the photo of this individual? There is a clear photograph of his face and many videos clearly showing him vandalizing a police car. Numerous people have sent in this evidence to police. Why would the police not want this individual identified and arrested? One explanation is that he was working with police and they do not want to expose their undercover agent.

This man appears in the following videos:

Here is more footage of this suspect at another location:

Another video of him destroying the police car:

He is also filmed here, near the front lines of police, by himself, in this video.

A comment made in this blog post by an individual near this man at the G20 claims:

"I was next to this guy for about 15 minutes on Sat afternoon at Queen & Richmond at approx 4 pm. He was screaming at the riot police and urging others (who were all peaceful protesters and avoiding him like the plague) to do the same.

He had absolutely no friends or tried to make any, including those who looked like black blockers. He was about twice the size of any of them, and solely wanted to incite."

if you find any more videos or pictures of this individual, please e-mail me at


  1. We gotta find this person. Thanks for blogging this!

  2. Maybe he stole it right before he burned down the store it was in. That would be legit right? :-P

  3. That's no anarchist... I can practically smell the cop on him in the photo!

  4. While the conspiracy-theory "HE MUST BE A COP" angle is a compelling one, it seems more likely to me that he's just a middle-class suburban kid who got a really nice jacket for his college graduation or something and who decided to break some things.



  6. I was next to this guy for about 15 minutes on Sat afternoon at Queen & Richmond at approx 4 pm. He was screaming at the riot police and urging others (who were all peaceful protesters and avoiding him like the plague) to do the same.

    He had absolutely no friends or tried to make any, including those who looked like black blockers. He was about twice the size of any of them, and solely wanted to incite.

    I wish I had been aware of provocateurs at the time, I would have tracked him.

    He's either a nut or a cop, or both.

  7. Ive commented on his photo before in other forums but this is the so-called "anarchist" that threatened to call Childrens Aid on me about ten minutes before the Sunday night Spadina and Queen incident because my baby was with me. Anarchist? I doubt it.

  8. It will be proven in time that this is not a cop.

  9. If Arcteryx sold that Sidewinder jacket, they no longer list it on that link that was posted.

  10. I saw the jacket, it's there in the link. SDB: Why so confident?

  11. if he isn't a cop SDB, why aren't the police making video stills available to the media for publication and asking for the public's help in identifying this suspect (the SOP when any other serious crime is caught on video)? they have plenty of evidence (not a single bit of it collected thru actual police work, i might add) but seem to have no interest in actually catching a suspect that almost everyone would like to see caught and punished. it might actually offer the cops some redemption (internal and external) to catch this guy and frog march him to court. why aren't they pursuing this investigation?

    no legit protestor wants this suspect around. furthermore, no individual participating in collective black bloc action would have done what he did the way that he did it. even a basic education in bb tactics would tell you they don't work that way. lone wolf or rogue cop: either way he needs to be exposed as a trouble maker.

  12. I want to believe this but it's all really circumstantial. Why isn't he even wearing one of the Leaf-series arcteryx jackets? Brandon's point that he could have looted it earlier, or the other one that it was a 'graduation present' are both plausible explanations. He still seems like a dude from the suburbs that listens to Eminem. We'll see- he might still get the frog march treatment yet. Besides, Blair and the cops just want this to blow over and be forgotten- I can see why they're not in a hurry to make 'wanted' posters, etc.

  13. ^^thats a retarded comment. Youre telling me the cops, if this were some anarchist protestor, wouldnt want to find him and arrest him?? That is ridiculous.
    Also ridiculous to say this guy looted the jacket lol Would be quite the coincidence if this one lone guy who doesnt seem worried about hiding his identity, just happened to come across this police issued flak jacket, and then went around beating up cop cars...

    Its not like agent provacetuers havent been used at most large protests, both here and obviously in the US.
    Search for Montebello, Quebec. They got caught, and they admitted to it. This is their procedure. This is what they do.

  14. To all those ney sayers, remember this?

  15. I just called the store that carries this merchandise in Toronto. They didn't suffer any damage or losses during the G20, so those of you who are suggesting that can try a different line.

  16. I try to share this on FB and the comment from 'Andy' appears as the main text of the post. Andy's comment just happens to dismiss the entire point of this blog post as 'conspiracy theory'.


  17. Please note that three posters who dismiss this article: Brandon, Andy and SDB all have no profiles available.

  18. If you're posting on Facebook, the excerpt can be cleared.

  19. I doubt he's a cop. If he's a provocateur, probably some outside contractor, well outside the police.

  20. He WAS Canadian Forces. I don't know if he still is.

  21. Three possibilities:

    1. Police agent
    2. Black bloc is intentionally dressing in a jacket from a police supplier to create the illusion of a provocateur
    3. Some idiot with rich parents

    I tend to favour #3. If this is a provocateur, why is he showing his face when cameras are clearly everywhere? I can't believe a police officer tasked with such a sensitive mission would be so stupid. On the other hand, a retard looking for a thrill is more consistent with what we see in the videos; and there are clearly no lack of idiots on this planet.

  22. Shouldn't be that tough for the police to check with those who retail this expensive item and get a list of relatively recent purchasers from which to narrow down a search.

    And, since it seems we've done this much of their investigative work for them, perhaps the police can rebate us some of the Summit's enormous security costs. Ya think, maybe?

    Also, before dismissing the possibility of police posing as black bloc-ers, I suggest you check out this still sequence from one of the often re-posted videos:!/photo.php?pid=4750441&op=116&o=global&view=global&subj=135629036463012&id=505215818

    You`ll note that one of the two black-clad individuals seen retreating behind police lines has his face uncovered.

  23. @Michael- How do you know that?
    What regiment was he with?
    What CFB was he with?
    Your blog is: Blogging for EVIL?

  24. Why would someone wear a 650$ to a protest?? An idiot who could care less about money or someone who wants to be cool and be the center of attention. Either way he is an dumb ass and I bet he is found.

  25. I'd like to see some proof behind Michaels' comment.

    Please forward to:

  26. said that you couldn't believe that a police officer tasked with such a sensitive mission could be so stupid. Look at Montebello. The provocateurs got nabbed because they were wearing their police-issue boots.

    You really can't believe they would be so stupid???

  27. CSIS typically uses contractors for their work...since they are off the books...

  28. Hey what is going on? Stop doing premature Police work. This is not ours. The focus must be kept on what we know what happened and not on what we think may have. We know that the police went far beyond. This should remain the vehicle where different groups can find common grounds. Beside that. Even this juridical system has the con sense of the reasonable doubt. Our principle should be: We do not snitch! No matter how different the political approach is!

  29. Farrukh - stop doing police work?? Someone has to. I think it's fantastic that so many people are trying to gather as much information as possible and are trying to expose the truth, given the police are not. We do not snitch on who exactly? Are you suggesting we should stand behind the few people who were taking what should have been a peaceful protest and turning it into a riot? Whether or not they are agent provocateurs, or just some idiots having a thrill, I will not back that up. As a result of these idiots and power-tripping police officers, a lot of innocent people were unlawfully and abusively incarcerated.

    To the people who are doubtful that this person is working undercover just because his face is exposed, take a look at all the other undercover officers dressed like disheveled civilians, such as "scary cop woman." They weren't too concerned about hiding their identities either when you saw them openly working with police in uniform. Scary cop woman will never be able to work undercover again. Her photo and that video clip are everywhere. Even if she cut or brushed her hair, we'd be able to identify her quite easily.

    Bottom line, police had a field day rounding up and assaulting innocent protesters and bystanders and inexcusably did NOTHING to stop the vandalism that occurred right before them. So if you think that that 30+ year old in the photo above may possibly just be some spoiled kid from the burbs, take a closer look. He's no kid and he's certainly no anarchist. He's undoubtedly one of probably a good handful of police working undercover to instigate violence. It doesn't exactly take a scholar to join the force, so not covering his face and black bloc carrying the same batons as police is not coincidence. They just underestimated the intelligence of a large percentage of Canadians.

  30. The ISU (Integrated Security Unit) is federally controlled.

    It included RCMP and Canadian Forces. The ISU during the Olympics also included CSIS personnel. It is possible that this guy was with the police, but also possible he was with the CF, and possibly even CSIS. I have zero doubts that one, some or all of the above where involved in hiring agents provocateur, or sending in their own personnel as such. I also have no doubts that there were just as many goofs who had nothing more sinister in mind than acting out their testosterone driven impulses to smash. This guy, however, does not in any way appear to be one of those goofs. He is not enraged or even excited. He is not behaving in a manner that indicates he thinks he is doing anything wrong. He is almost pleasant, and seems to be approaching his vandalism with the mien of one who is doing a job. And he does it quite well, too. Very efficient.
    The Black Bloc in Seattle were organized and highly effective in blocking the summit, and caused some real security issues for the cops stationed there. The "black bloc" at the G20 summit did absolutely nothing to directly provoke the police, as was done in Seattle. Instead, they focused their efforts on high profile types of property destruction (like burning cop cars), which in addition to taking media attention away from the legitimate protesting, sent out a message across Canada that civil rights abuses were justifiable in the face of the actions of these rioters and inciters. No matter how you look at it, their actions discredited the movement in opposition to the G20, and helped the government sugar-coat a tightening of police and state control, eroding civil rights. Police cameras are all over downtown now. The infrastructure is in place for the ISU. Intelligence, military and all levels of police are now able to mesh with greater ease than ever before. And on top of it all, deficit plans were discussed at the G20. Austerity measures were one of the ways that these deficit cuts will be implemented.
    Austerity measures generally include cuts to social spending, increased taxation and other user fees. Austerity measures usually cause a decrease in the standard of living... in other words, the common folk shoulder the burden so that banks and large scale investments can be protected. These measures are taking place in Greece, and will be happening all over the developed world in short order. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and normally free countries like Canada are slowly becoming police states where measures are becoming implemented that will make resistance more and more difficult.
    To me, this guy is one face of what is happening. It is all too efficient...working too well... to deny any longer.

  31. "That's no anarchist... I can practically smell the cop on him in the photo! "

    You people are nuts. No really you are. Your sum total of evidence here is he's "got a cop face" and a black jacket. This is proof in your minds.

    No wonder you're going to spend you lives losing.

  32. 1) We know Canadian police have run false-flag operations before. (wiki Montebello protest)
    2) This individual is not receiving the police attention his actions warrant.

    To me, that alone looks pretty bad.

    I think it's also worth noting that this isn't a $650 jacket that looks good, or has any type of style really. This guy is wearing very practical (some would even say tactical) clothing in general, from his backpack to his boots. I don't buy the rich idiot from the suburbs. He dressed exactly for what he came to do.
    He certainly doesn't take any joy in what he's doing, nor does he do it anywhere near the fullest of his abilities. He seems more interested in inciting others to do destroy than destroying on his own.

    @peter when the accused controls the flow and distribution of information in such way, sometimes guilty until proven innocent is acceptable. If the police would address this case properly, I would have more faith, but they alone have the power to pursue this case, and it seems they've chosen not to.

    He has no fear of having his face recorded, which is interesting. Police agents at Montebello wore bandannas, but several times they were almost pulled off. Perhaps they learned from that experience?

    If he is an agent of the government, I would guess it's not just the police. His picture and likeness would be too easy to identify, I would think. Somebody mentioned ISU, and somebody else mentioned Canadian Forces.

  33. BTW, the TPS has now added him to their list of vandal suspects on their FB page:

  34. Though TPS has responded to this today, this guy will never be found. Practically guaranteed.

  35. Note that it's possible TPS is telling the truth - he wasn't a Toronto cop and they don't know who he is. That doesn't mean he wasn't a provocateur from another agency; it's been pretty clear that TPS/Blair were not privy to everything that happened or that the ISU decided.

  36. You people are a bunch of conspiracy mongering wingnuts.

    take a look at this link.

    look at the bottom right corner.

    and look who's on the toronto police most wanted list.

    but it's still a conspiracy. the police are going to hide him in the bat cave or something until it blows over.

    arc'teryx primarily makes climbing and snowboarding gear. their LEAF line - which this idiot isn't even wearing - is only a tiny fraction of arc'teryx's business.

    just because someone is wearing a jacket THAT RESEMBLES tactical gear, but clearly isn't, doesn't mean they are a provocateur. it's a logical fallacy.

  37. You have totally disregarded the copyright on the image at the top of this blog, which I in fact own. I have no idea where you copied it from, but you did not request permission to use it, and you DO NOT have my permission to use it. Remove the image from this site and any other site that you are responsible for immediately as you are in breach of copyright law. Thank you for respecting the law by taking the requested action. Karen Brodie

  38. Molly, did you give the Toronto Police Service permission to post this picture? I ask because they are using it on their new "Top 10" list AND they have shopped out the copyright so anybody is free to use it with the blessing of the forces of the law... so tough luck for you I guess.

  39. Another blog exposes "the truth". And just to make sure it's especially legit, let's stick Alex Jones links down the side of the page. Thank God people like you and Alex are here to warn us about our murderous Canadian government who want nothing less, (and I quote verbatim here), "to put bags over our heads, murder us, and take our organs". Combined with mind-control through fluoridated water and the theft of our newborns' blood, we have something really really special here. Really special.

  40. I agree, Patrick. There's no shortage of tin foil hats here....

  41. there are only a few in the police wanted photos who look like real black bloc
    most look as tho they just happened to be there or were watching and jumped on/in.
    they were not protesting, just attracted to an abandoned police car.

  42. Lets just suppose someone reading this page hadn't yet made up their mind.
    Is the Government of Canada behind provocateurs inciting violence at protests?
    To what end?
    Watch the YouTube video of the three Surete being outed at Montebello.
    Please note that they did not lead their mob to the line where confrontation was already happening.
    They wanted violence a block away, where there were families, Council of Canadians people and the Unions . Why would they do that?
    Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.
    Maybe they were drunk, or just not real bright.

    Now skip forward a few years to the G8
    It seems that you were more likely to be arrested in Toronto for peacefully holding hands than if you were throwing rocks through shop windows.
    Let's give the authorities the benefit of the doubt again.
    Maybe, given enough money to give every single protester a nice condo apartment, it wasn't quite enough to be prepared for a few hundred rowdies.
    Maybe another Billion dollars would have done it.

    It is true that a pattern of behaviour is not proof of intention. Still, if the intention has been to have protesters portrayed in the media as dangerous people attending dangerous events it's been pretty effective.
    So I'm left with two strong possibilities.
    Government management of popular protest is either frighteningly incompetent, or diabolically clever.
    You don't have to make up your mind right away.
    Take your time.

  43. Correlation does not equal causation. Just because a guy is wearing a police/military-style jacket does not make him a military/police member. I saw a bunch of protesters with military gas would be foolish to assume they were all members of the military.

    I also have that jacket. I am not a police officer, although I did serve in the Canadian Forces Army reserve almost 20 years ago. I do a lot of extreme camping, and I own a lot of military-grade gear (jackets, sleeping bags, rucksacks, 3 day packs, water-carrying equipment, utility pouches, boots, headgear, etc.) And I'm not talking about military surplus gear, I'm talking about current issue stuff from companies like Maxpedition, Eagle Industries, Condor Tactical Equipment, Blackhawk Industries, Diamondback Tactical, and HSGI.

    For what it's worth, I'm glad as hell the Toronto police are finally getting some arrests from their Most Wanted list. It seems that even their friends can't stand the stupidity of these idiot thugs and are turning them in. Throw the book at them and let them spend some real hard time in the pen with the rapists, murderers, and child molesters so they can think about what they've done.

  44. Absolutely sickening that webpages like this were used as 'proof' that cops deliberately smashed vehicles and property.

    The tinfoil hat crowd wrote the pages based on evidence that verged on fantastic, and the uncritical masses parroted those pages as proof without thinking for themselves, ironically an insult they'd reserve for the consumers of mainstream media.

    The damage is done, the tinfoil hat videos on YouTube have got their necessary viewers and propagators. It's said the first casualty in war is the truth; how ironic that the tinfoil truth is free to the masses.

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