Police let Vandalism Happen on Purpose for Excuse to Arrest Peaceful Protesters

The police were ordered to stand down and let the vandalism happen on purpose. After the riot was over, the police attacked, assaulted, abused and arrested a bunch of innocent people, violating many of their rights, and threw some of them into a cage under deplorable conditions. That is what really happened over the G20 weekend in Toronto. The police and their superiors committed many crimes and they need to be brought to justice for their illegal acts.

There is proof that police were ordered to stand down and not to engage the relatively small group of violent protesters as they rampaged through the downtown core. There is evidence that police lines were pulled back shortly before the black bloc rioters went on their vandalism rampage. There was virtually no police presence while a large crowd, consisting of many black bloc members, traveled through popular areas of the downtown core, with weapons, vandalizing store fronts. All the evidence suggests that police were purposefully ordered away from these locations to allow protesters to commit as much vandalism as they wanted while they ran amok through the downtown core, without the fear that they would be arrested on site for their crimes. Given the overwhelming police presence over the G20 weekend, it is very unlikely that these popular areas were left unprotected for such a long time by an unlucky coincidence. A police officer was quoted in the Toronto Sun as saying that there was "a clear order from the command centre saying 'Do not engage' ". However, the official explanation given by the police is that officers did not arrest the black bloc members because no officers happened to be present when the crimes were committed out of some strange coincidence, rather than a direct order not to engage.

There is evidence to suggest that police abandon "bait" cars on Queen St., just East of Spadina, as well as at the intersection of King and Bay. There is evidence that police were ordered to evacuate the areas where the bait cars were planted to allow protesters to vandalize the vehicles without fear of being arrested on site. There is evidence that police did not respond to the areas where the police cars were being vandalized until after they were engulfed in flames, which allowed the media to capture footage that would portray a street riot.

Basically, the police let the vandalism occur on purpose to justify the $1 billion price tag and discredit the peaceful protesters. After all the vandalism crimes had taken place, the police used this as an excuse to attack, assault, abuse and arrest a bunch of peaceful, innocent protesters, media, observers and people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many people had their rights violated. The stories of the way that people were treated by police are almost unimaginable. This was done deliberately to discourage all Canadians from participating in a peaceful protest in the future. It is outrageous what occurred over the G20 weekend. A line has been crossed. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!


  1. Thanks for this, I'll be sure to post your investigation into the Warmington article. Check out full coverage of economic and police state issues over at statismwatch.ca/g20 as well. Pax.

  2. If you are as frustrated as I am about the abuse of powers of police during the G20 (especially the fact that Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair is still in power after admittedly lying to citizens about their civil rights resulting in individuals being unlawfully searched and detained), then follow this link for contact information for the City of Toronto (mayor and council) and a sample letter asking for the dismissal of Police Chief Blair:


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  4. If there is evidence, let's see it. otherwise you are just another conspiracy monger with a computer and too much time on your hands.

  5. A reporter looking at her watch said she was waiting for
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